I'm looking to start over this spring so I appreciate some of these links! I have had similar troubles finding jeans that fit. My once hourglass shape has transformed into a much thicker belly post-kids and I find that stuff that fits in my waist doesn't flatter me elsewhere. What happened to stretch in jeans, btw?! You and I chatted over DMs but I'm pulling inspiration from classic French style but also want to incorporate some pops of color and texture that feel more like some of the current Scandi streetwear trends.

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I know what you mean! I feel like jeans are either all stretch or no stretch now and there is no in-between. It's very frustrating.

SCANDI STREET STYLE! Omg yes! I didn't know what this was called but it's what I've been looking for that's been missing from my French style searches. I am determined to find a punchy silk scarf right now!

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