Hello and welcome to A Big Life, a blog about self-discovery and celebrating what makes you, you! I love talking about internet culture and all things influencer-related in my other newsletter, A Lot of You Have Asked. But this newsletter is more personal. I share deep thoughts, cursory thoughts, what gets me through my day, the things I love, and my favorite hobbies.

Speaking of, I love food, reading, and watching TV. I love trying to make myself healthier in mind, body, and spirit so I can show up fully and authentically for my family - which hasn’t been the easiest thing to do since I also work a 9-5 and have two toddlers.

What you’ll get…

Coffee with Kate is a weekly-ish newsletter featuring everything I’ve loved, found interesting, and just in general what’s been going on - from what I’m reading and eating to an article that really made me think.

I’ve been a mom for just about 3 years now and have been looking for ways I can support families. It’s so hard to try to balance everything, so one small way I will try to help out is through my weekly meal plans. The weekly meal plans themselves will be free for all subscribers. Paid subscribers will have access to a printable grocery list and recipes! These are delicious, family meals. In my home, we balance healthy meals with comfort meals so you can expect that here too. Oh! And these plans aren’t just for dinners. They include breakfast, lunch, and snacks for the whole family.

My goal is to help your family save money, reduce food waste, and help you manage your time in the kitchen. I know how impossible it can feel to head into the kitchen after a long work day or maybe it’s what you need to decompress. I’m both people depending on the day, so I get it. You can expect 2-3 weekly meal plans each month with more coming soon!

Here are a few posts to give you an idea of what to expect to receive:

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I want to live a big life that I can be proud of and that will make my children say "yep! that's my mom!" But first I need to rediscover myself and the things I love. Unabashedly myself.


I’m a millennial mom of two, GIF enthusiast, TV snob, and suburban homebody.